Education Through Horses (ETH) is an educational, not-for-profit organisation which has recently taken over a neglected 7 acre farm at Banbury Hill, Sturminster Common. Our vision is to provide opportunities for people of all ages to improve their physical and mental well-being by being with animals, growing food and simply spending time in the natural environment.

At the moment the site is in rather a sorry state as it’s been over-grazed and become cluttered with plastic, glass and barbed wire. The transformation has already begun with coloured plastic tape, buckets and traffic cones all safely off the premises.

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There is a polytunnel, greenhouse and an overgrown vegetable plot just crying out for some tender loving care. There will be space here for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers.

A recently dug pond could be home for newts, toads, frogs, dragonflies and perhaps a few waterlilies. We are looking for help from local people and organisations who are interested in giving nature a helping hand on Banbury Hill.

By helping nature to re-generate this site, we hope we can help people too!